The WHO highlighted a study of Medicine on prevention of covid-19

A study on knowledge of transmission routes, prevention measures and attitudes about covid-19 in advanced medical students from the National University of the Northeast (Unne), was included in the Global Medicus Index of the World Health Organization (WHO) . The research highlighted the level of knowledge of students about the disease, and changes in daily attitudes to avoid infections.

As reported from the Unne, the study was carried out by members of the subjects “Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacological Therapeutics” and “Ophthalmology” of the Faculty of Medicine, and included 153 students of 5th and 6th year of said academic unit, with the objective of determining knowledge and attitudes towards the pandemic. Among the conclusions of the study, it was highlighted that 95.4% of the studied population presented changes in attitude, increasing behaviors of cleaning / disinfecting surfaces and environments.

The results of the study were highlighted in the Journal of Human Medicine of the Ricardo Palma University of Peru. This publication was later included in the WHO Global Medicus Index, a portal that provides global access to biomedical and public health literature produced in different countries.

According to what is stated in this international section, the data obtained in the study with medical students from the Unne “reflect adequate knowledge of transmission routes, prevention measures and positive attitudes” in the context of the pandemic.

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