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The whole truth behind the war of “likes” between Neymar and Mbappé at PSG: “They can’t stand each other”

by archyde
Paris St Germain’s Kylian Mbappe talks to Neymar at a kids soccer clinic during the team’s tour of Japan, in Tokyo, Japan July 18, 2022. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The fight for the penalty in the goleada of the PSG 5-2 against him Montpellier y the likes of Neymar to aggressive publications against Kylian Mbappé, in which he is branded as “owner” of the club, are just the tip of the iceberg, what appears to the surface, and that today worries the leadership of the French club despite the unbeatable start to the season, with three wins and one title (the French Super Cup). Because between two of the three top stars of a star roster, rancour governs, beyond the care of the forms. There is a story behind it, which naturally emerges under certain circumstances, such as the battle for the auction from the 12 steps, after Kiki missed the first. The egos, of course, lead the “war”.

“It gives me that this season the internal relations of the PSG dressing room are going to be complicated. Neymar and Mbappé keep up appearances but they can’t stand each other,” the Spanish journalist wrote on his Twitter account. Francis Aguilar. “They tell me from Paris that the animosity between Mbappé and Neymar is serious. The Brazilian knows that Kylian asked PSG to do without him and he won’t forgive him. Now the thing has gone for more. They are not supported. Serious problem for Galtier”, he added in a second post, describing the problem without euphemisms. It can be added, perhaps, that Lionel Messi He is a friend of Ney, although the Argentine striker has been far from darts and on the field of play he has only dedicated himself, precisely, to playing.

Against Montpellier, it all started after Mbappé missed a penalty when the game was 0-0. Shortly after, the Parisian team found another maximum penalty that sparked the conflict. Both figures argued about who should execute her and it was Marquinhos, the captain, who interceded to calm things down. Finally, the former Barcelona took responsibility and with a soft shot to the left of the goalkeeper, who chose the other stick, he made it 2-0, in a match in which he signed two conquests.

More signs that the weather was not the best in the Parc des Princes. Mbappé did not celebrate his goal. And in a counterattack initiated by Vitinha, realizing that he did not give him the ball, he completely disregarded the play, annoying.

The striker was annoyed when he did not receive a pass from a teammate

But the upsurge in rivalry occurred last season, when, according to the French media, in the midst of negotiations for its renewal (while Real Madrid was pressing), the Turtle complained about the “lack of professionalism” of some of his teammates , although everyone immediately understood that he was referring to Ney, the court of friends that follows him and his nocturnal excursions.

The tension grew precisely with the extension of the link, almost a matter of state in France and Qatar. The player signed his contract until 2025 and went on to receive a salary of 50 million euros net per year, which made him the player with the best salary on the squad. Until then, Neymar headed the ranking with almost 49 million, followed by Lionel Messi, with 40.5 million. In addition, the French striker would have included in his link the possibility of giving an opinion on the assembly of the squad and in making important decisions.

Assumed to the throne, he would have lowered his thumb to Neymar, although according to The team, “He did not ask for the exit, but he did not stand in the way of the idea that it was negotiated”. In the privacy of the former Barcelona, ​​the attitude was taken almost as a betrayal. Then, at the end of June, Louis Fieldsthe new sports director of Paris Saint-Germain, told the Brazilian’s father that he was no longer a priority.

Mbappé even said in the decisive meetings that “no player should be above the PSG shield”, something that Pochettino also repeated endlessly, and the phrase pronounced by Nasser Al-Khelaïfi in the newspaper is not accidental either. The Parisian: “We don’t want more ostentation or more bling-bing, the castanets are over”.

Luck seemed cast for Ney. If even the new regime established by the coach Christophe Galtier It looked made to measure for the “allowed” of the former Barcelona. One of the first changes in habit marked that footballers must go to the training center to have breakfast together. In addition, after participating in the training, they meet for lunch.

The posting of the journalist Francesc Aguilar about the fight
The posting of the journalist Francesc Aguilar about the fight

“A locker room needs justice and justice is valid for everyone. The discipline of the group is the basis of success”said the DT. The Brazilian swallowed hard, he did the preseason in Japan, he did not think about a withdrawal, he prepared himself. And in the first games, he stood out, building interesting partnerships with Messi and Vitinha. On top of that, Mbappé was absent in the first two commitments. And that leading role of his partner touched his ego again.

And this new arm wrestling broke out, the well-known chapter: several likes from the former Barcelona appeared. Ten gave a heart to a scandalous user post: “Now it’s official, Mbappé is the one who takes penalties at PSG. Clearly this is a matter of contract, because in no club in the world that has Neymar, he would be the second collector, none! It seems that due to the contract Mbappé owns PSG!!

Another of the posts he liked read: “Today, in the PSG game, Neymar scored and HUMILIATED the goalkeeper (once again) in the penalty kick. Mbappé, on the other hand, kicked VERY badly and missed. After the game, the coach said that Mbappé will be the team’s main hitter of the season. An absurdity!” And the intern was left raw.

“For this match, order was respected on the field. It was Kylian in one, Ney in the second. It was logical that Neymar kicked the second after the missed penalty. Things have been respected”, said Galtier, seeking to reduce the bid to auctions from 12 steps. But he knows that it goes much further. In fact, The team He reported that the leadership will take a measure to prevent a repetition of the battles. Or, at least, that the tip of the iceberg emerges: it will lead to a conclave between Neymar, Mbappé, Galtier and Luis Campos to give a definitive closure to the issue. “The desire is to make the order of collection in penalties very clear and that controversies are not transferred to the networks or made public,” stressed the French sports publication.

One of Neymar’s “likes” that unleashed the controversy

But the crack appears difficult to close. The same medium contacted Ney’s environment. And the spokespersons, despite emphasizing that they do not want to enter into controversy, accepted that There is a climate of discomfort due to Mbappé’s privileges after the renewal.

There are plenty of examples of footballers who did not have a good relationship off the field, but with enough intelligence to understand that on the pitch it was convenient for them to act like brothers. It will be necessary to see how many of the disagreements filter into the game throughout the PSG season…


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