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▲ During the Qianlong period, a widow went out to the upper couplet, and the general got the lower couplet, which made her blush with anger (Photo/Wikipedia)

The ancient nomads had a strange feature, that is, they were extremely fierce when they rose. For example, Mongolia, which dominated the Eurasian continent, the occupation of Mongolia became the nightmare of that era, but as life became more comfortable, the combat effectiveness began to plummet. The same is true in the Qing Dynasty. During the Qianlong period, the Qing army’s combat power declined. It is said that a widow saw the general’s mighty appearance, and she said “the horses painted on the wall cannot ride.” Made her flush with anger.

During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, a widow disapproved of the general when she saw the general’s trip, so she said on the top couplet, “The horse painted on the wall cannot ride.” When the general heard this, he was naturally angry, but he couldn’t argue with the woman, so he subtly replied to the second couplet: “Talking about soldiers in books is not practical.” Ironically, the widow had never seen swordsmen, so she could only talk about empty words. The widow was ashamed and angry when she heard this. His face was all red, knowing that he was reckless, he was ashamed to leave.

Whether this story is true or false is impossible to verify, but it is true that the Qing army was unbearable. During the Qianlong period, if you wanted to find the Eight Banners children who could ride horses and shoot arrows, they could not find them in Beijing. It was estimated that they had to go to the suburban grasslands to try their luck. The eight-flag iron cavalry that galloped vertically and horizontally has long since disappeared like a fairy in a painting.

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