The wife of the Brazilian doctor arrested for harassing an Egyptian woman defending him

Hundreds in Brazil and Portugal, they went to their social media platforms, and attacked A Brazilian doctor was arrested by the Egyptian authorities on Sunday, after he harassed an Egyptian employee in a tourist bazaar in Luxor, and revealed what he had done by broadcasting a video on Instagram of harassing her. However, the wife of Dr. Victor Sorrentino surprised everyone and defended him, according to what the Brazilian media reported. She was surprised by his behavior and her defense of him in terms that she also published on “Instagram”, which was uglier than guilt.

The doctor appears in the video inside the tourist bazaar, accompanied by a few friends, On his mobile phone, he films the employee as he asks her questions in a language that she does not understand, who is Brazilian Portuguese, laughed in a way that seemed to her as if he was joking, so she shook her head yes at every question, just to be commercial, to reassure her that his questions were of an innocent kind, Without you knowing that he intends to produce a video for his broadcast On Instagram, he raises his followers.

Victor Sorrentino and his wife Camila Montero, both in their thirties

The questions were not as innocent as the veiled employee thought, as she showed him a number of papyrus, she thought he was interested in buying them, not taking advantage of her ignorance of his language, but his questions were stained with the dirtiest pornographic words that can be listened to in the video that the doctor put in “Instagram” and hundreds of people were upset with him. 963 thousand follow him on his platform classified as “private” on the site, most of them are Brazilians and Portuguese, so they attacked him and criticized his verbal degeneration with questions that is reluctant to publish a translation of any of them, or broadcast the video that he pulled from the site, after he felt the force of the attack on him, then headed Then to where the girl works.

He visited her in the bazaar, apologized to her and filmed another video with her, in which he made it clear that he did not mean to insult her, but what he did was just an innocent joke, which he also said in an apology published on the site, did not convince anyone, and it was also not useful, because the Egyptian authorities knew Quickly what he did, and with her arrest, his news reached Brazil, and he is a famous doctor in it, and a lecturer on the emerging “Corona” in a number of universities, according to what is evident from its local media coverage of his experience, and a searcher for his name on “YouTube” will find dozens of videos of him.

Anger and protests in Egypt

As for Egypt, and other Arab countries, the angry protesters rushed to the communication sites, especially through the hashtag “Take account of the Brazilian harasser” on “Twitter” and also on “Facebook” and demanded a quick punishment for the doctor, whose news of his harassment became prominent on news sites and a number of television stations. And below is a video of the media, Amr Adib, in which he talks about the incident as well.

In Brazil, the harasser’s wife, whose name is Kamila Monteiro, who resides with him in the city of Poa, famous for its mineral water in the state of São Paulo, also went to “Instagram” and defended him on her account in it, and she said in what was reported by Brazilian media that visited “Al” its sites, that “Everyone finds bad intentions in everything,” noting perhaps, that his intention was clean, explaining that what he did was a kind of joke, and the evidence in her opinion is that the employee did not know the meanings of what he said to her of phrases, but she ignored that the world had become a village, Pornography spreads in any language like laundry on the ropes of the Internet, and its translation becomes available as quickly as possible.

She continued her defense, and wrote vague phrases, which did not seem to be related to what her husband did, and said: “The world is more complicated every time, and people see evil in everything, but our lives always return to its simplicity when we look positively at things and do not condemn anyone… This arrest is not expected by anyone,” referring to the arrest of her husband, which the Egyptian judiciary will consider in the coming days, so that we know the type of punishment awaiting him.


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