The winner of the mayor of Hsinchu has been decided?He revealed that Gao Hongan used “this trick”: the DPP would collapse-Politics-Zhongshi News Network

Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan of the People’s Party was accused of plagiarism in her doctoral dissertation, and was provoked by the statement at the press conference, “It’s not like the night department of Chung Hwa University.” She bowed and apologized for this. 3 minutes. Media person Wei An said that as long as Gao Hongan cried twice, he might cry the DPP down, because Gao’s essay storm level is now not only a matter of Hsinchu City elections.

Wei An posted on Facebook on the evening of the 23rd (23rd): “Be careful! Gao Hongan may cry twice, and the DPP may cry. It is no longer a matter of the Hsinchu City election.”

This article received a lot of likes and laughter expressions, and netizens left comments: “I think so too, when Gao Hongan cried that day, it really broke my heart”, “This election, it seems to be choosing a model student”, ” So the DPP is a saint right?”, “The double standard of the DPP is unbearable”, “Do you think she is Meng Jiangnu? Laugh to death”, “Crying down the DPP’s modern Meng Jiangnu” .

Green Camp slams Gao Hong’an’s opinion polls instead of increasing, but reducing doctors’ 1 sentence to break through the blind spot: young people gamble badly @中

In addition, according to the online poll conducted by Yahoo Qimo on the academic dispute caused by Gao Hongan since the 22nd, as of the morning of the 24th, about 8,000 people have participated in the vote. In the question “Who do you think will be elected mayor of Hsinchu?”, Gao Hongan won the championship with 44.4%, Lin Gengren of the Kuomintang came in second with 11.2%, and Shen Huihong of the DPP came last with 10.7%.

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