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Original title: Shougang men’s basketball team’s winning streak ends

beijing nightNews (Reporter Chen Jiakun) In the 25th round of the CBA regular season last night, the Beijing Shougang team lost to the defending champion Liaoning team 74 to 82, and the team’s winning streak since entering 2023 ended.

The Shougang team has suffered from injuries recently and has been unable to field a complete and strongest lineup. Because of a leg muscle strain, foreign aid Gibson was sidelined for the third consecutive game. The main defender Tian Yuxiang and the inside player Qiu Tian were unable to play, and Yang Ali and Zhang Zhuo entered the team roster. Fan Ziming has also been troubled by dizziness and insomnia, unable to reach his best state.

The Beijing-Liaoning teams have played against each other twice this season, and both sides have won one game each. In this campaign, Johnson and Zhu Yanxi rarely entered the starting lineup, and they took the lead in scoring for the Shougang team. High intensity, high confrontation, low scoring – the two teams continued the momentum of the previous confrontation. The Shougang team fell behind 15 to 18 in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Zhang Cairen was injured and the players on both sides sent out consecutive blocks. The game scene was very hot. At the end of the first half, the Liaoning team led 44-39.

In the second half, the captain of Shougang, who had a brief lead, was chasing points for a long time. The team’s lineup was not complete, and the opponent was strong. The Shougang team finally lost by 8 points. Zeng Fanbo scored 19 points and 7 rebounds, leading the team in scoring. Leaf scored 18 points and 10 rebounds.

Looking at the recent performance of the Shougang team, although they have won 4 games in a row before, they stumbled every time and exposed many problems. Therefore, it is normal for this game to lose to the powerful Liaoning team with an uneven lineup. The head coach Xie Libin said after the game that the team does have some injuries and hopes that the players can let go of their burdens and relax to fight for the next game. This Friday, the Shougang team will play against the Jilin team.

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