The women’s football team that challenged the Italian fascist regime

In an article which reconstructs a forgotten episode of transalpine sport, the weekly Set tells the brief story of the only women’s football team that was allowed to play in the years when Mussolini was in power.

During the years when the fascist regime ruled Italy (1922-1943), the national football team won two World Cups (in 1934 and 1938). The round ball was then, as today a very popular sport in the Peninsula, but at the time exclusively reserved for men. A rule that was nevertheless broken for a short time thanks to three Milanese teenagers.

This little-known story is told by the weekly Set, who begins his story by introducing the three girls behind this adventure. These are Rosetta Boccalini, a teenage girl who works as a teacher, her sister, Marta, a seamstress, and their friend Losanna Strigaro, a saleswoman. “In 1933, these three women showed themselves to be very enterprising and succeeded in obtaining the agreement of the president of Coni [l’organe qui dirige le sport italien], which allows ‘experimentation’ with women’s football. ”

The man who shows himself to be so “open-minded” is called Leandro Arpinati. “He is an early fascist who had in the past conducted many beatings in Lodi, the home town of the Boccalini sisters,



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