The works of the new EMT exchanger in the center of Valencia cause changes in three lines

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The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Valencia has started the works of the future Xàtiva street exchanger, at the height of the Lluís Vives Institute, where many of the lines currently circulating in the Town Hall Square will stop when it is pedestrianized .

The work will have a maximum duration of three months and its interruption is expected from March 1 to 19 on the occasion of the Failures, as indicated by the public company in a statement.

While the works last, the stop of the EMT Xàtiva-Instituto will change for lines 5, 73 and 81. Thus, line 5 will make its stop before the bullring, 73 on Sant Pau street and 81 modify its route by Marqués de Sotelo Avenue.

The Mobility service of the town hall has rethought the area of ​​Xàtiva street: fences have been placed between the bike lane and the road, and others to close the work area. During the works, the traffic lanes will be maintained, but the parking area on the left side in the direction of road traffic will be eliminated.

The Xàtiva street exchanger will become from March 20, when the Town Hall Square will be a pedestrian zone, in a «communication link to facilitate intermodality, complement the interchange that already exists in Tetuán-Porta de la Mar and improve the operation of the municipal bus network ».

As explained by the councilor responsible Giuseppe Grezzi, there will arrive C1, the shuttle line that will connect from Porta de la Mar, the street of La Paz and the Town Hall square and the Xàtiva and Lluís Vives exchanger and the other lines. “This will allow more efficiency, efficiency and regularity and increase the frequency in improving the service we provide to citizens,” he added.

The project – limited by 99,948 euros – also includes actions inside the square, such as the construction of new crosswalks, signage and the creation of a new strike in the central area, in front of the current Plaza del Ayuntamiento-Barcas stop, which will be used by the new C1 line. .


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