The World and European trophies, exhibited at the School of Commerce

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"2019 has been a year that will be very difficult to repeat because the men's team was world champion and the women's team in Europe, the two competitions that were held." This was stated by Juan José Cachero, president of the Basketball Federation of the Principality of Asturias, at the opening ceremony to the public of the exhibition of the two cups that attest to these successes and that throughout the day will remain in the lobby of the former School of Commerce. Asturias is the first autonomous community in which you can see the two glasses that until now were safe. "We requested that they be brought shortly after the men's team was champion," says Cachero. After Gijón the glasses will go to Avilés (Wednesday morning), Navia (Thursday), Pola de Lena (Friday) and Oviedo (Saturday and Sunday). The president encouraged fans to approach the different places where the two cups will be exhibited "because it is a historical fact."

In addition, when it comes to the men's trophy, he has some Asturian "blood" since Joaquín Prado was in the coaching staff, in the qualifying phase, and Jorge Lorenzo throughout the championship.

The first to be photographed were the girls from the Benjamin team of El Llano, Martínez Blanco and Asturias schools that are part of the Pumarín club quarry. The little ones were quite clear: "The cup won by the girls is much prettier." The cups are in Asturias, although what Cachero wants now is more difficult: "We are negotiating to come and play one of the two teams." The preparatory tour of the next Olympic Games is practically closed and although in the women's one there is a free date, the cost of bringing it to Gijón is very high and it does not seem likely that in the short term Asturian fans will be able to witness one of the live performances These two selections.

Meanwhile, they will have to settle for photographing with the two trophies.

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