The World Cup in roller skiing has ended with a classic start to the interval

With the start of the interval in the classic Sunday in Madona, the 2nd stage of the World Cup in roller skiing ended, which gathered 53 participants from 5 countries in Madona during the week. Although this year, due to the spread of the virus, several delegations had to withdraw from the PK, three days of successful competitions in the Baltic, Norwegian and German competitions, Latvian scooter skiers ensured that the Latvian anthem was played several times at the award ceremony.

Today in the elite group Raimo Vīgants 3rd place in the classic, giving way to the Norwegians, but in the junior group two first prizes for Latvians: Niks Saulītis and Lauris Kaparkalājs, leaving behind Lithuanian Edvīna Šimonuti. After this stage of the PK, Lauris Kaparkalējs also maintains the leading position in the overall rating.

Meanwhile, in the women’s competition, German Merle Richter remains unbeaten, securing a silver prize for Madonna Lahna Shahno, and a bronze prize for Samanta Krampe. Even today, the best cross-country skier Patrīcija Eiduka, the second – Estonian Johanna Udras, won the laurels in the elite group, while Kitija Auziņa won the bronze award for Latvia.

The best results shown in the individual start in the classic style:

Junior group – women:

1. Merle Richter (Germany), 2. Līva Šahno (Latvia), 3. Samanta Krampe (Latvia)

Junior group – men:

1. Niks Saulītis (Latvia), 2. Lauris Kaparkalējs (Latvia), 3. Edvīns Šimonutis (Lithuania)

Elite Women:

1. Patricia Eiduka (Latvia), 2. Johanna Udras (Estonia), 3. Kitija Auziņa (Latvia)

Elite Group – Men:

1. Patrick Fossum Kristoffersen (Norway), 2. Amund Korsaeth (Norway), 3. Raimo Vīgants (Latvia)

MNiklass, Head of the FIS Roller Skiing Subcommittee: Madona has developed as a ski and biathlon center in Latvia, and the organizational side of this PK is also appreciated by Norway, a great power of this sport – which emphasizes that progress is being made every year. Along with the organization of competitions and the development of infrastructure, athletes will also be more interested in trying their hand at this sport.

Estonia and Latvia, despite this year’s situation in the world, have shown that rollerblading is becoming more and more popular and popular here, which is very important for the future. In winters like this, it is an opportunity for skiers to keep fit, while not organizing regular competitions in the off-season. A very positive trend has been observed in the last couple of years – and a record number of Latvian athletes also entered the starting line of this PK stage. ”

Jānis Puida, PK stage organizer: “I am glad that despite the challenges posed by the spread of Covid-19, we were able to organize a PK stage in Madona. It is good to show the international ski community that Latvia can also organize competitions of this level. Our athletes provided a sense of celebration by fighting every day and showing recognizable results. Satisfaction with the participants in the elite group – Raimo Vīgants, Patricia Eiduk, who showed our young juniors that hard work will be followed by success. Also, we have a strong junior generation – Madonis Lauris Kaparkalējs is a positive surprise this PK season. Despite the smaller number of national delegations, it is important that our young athletes have the opportunity to gain experience in international competitions.

To ensure equal competition, the athletes today went on the track with vithe technical support of FF Rollerskis. This year Madona took the second and final stage of PK in roller skiing. China has just announced that the cup stage scheduled for October has been canceled. Lauris Kaparkalējs retains the leading position in the junior-men’s group after the completed PK stages, the German Merle Rihtere is unbeaten in the women’s competition. In the women’s competition – Estonian Johanna Udras, while in the men’s competition – Norwegian Patrick Fossum Kristoffersen.

The World Cup in roller skiing in Madona took place from 27 to 30 August. On the first day, the official trainings were held, while on August 28, in the streets of Madona, roller skiers covered the 200m distance in the sprint. On the third day of the competition, despite the rain, mass starts took place in the city of Madona, where a group of women covered a distance of 15 km, and men – 20 km. On the closing day, the athletes met at the sports base “Smeceres sils” to conduct individual starts in the classic style.

The first World Cup in roller skiing in Latvia was held in 2006 – in Priekuli, but in Madona this year the sixth stage of the World Cup was held. Last year, the track “Smeceres sils” also hosted a successful World Championship in roller skiing, both from a sports and organizational point of view.

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