The world has never been so threatened and divided; we are on the edge of the abyss: UN

António Guterres (1)

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António Guterres (1)

The Secretary of the United Nations, António Guterres, denounced the obscenity that represents that the majority of the population of the richest countries is vaccinated, while 90 percent of Africans are still waiting for their first dose.

United Nations, September 21 (EFE) .- The Secretary General of the HIM-HER-IT, António Guterres, opened the General Assembly of the organization on Tuesday by sounding the signal of “alarm” before a world that “has never been so threatened or so Divided“.

“The world must wake up. We are on the edge of an abyss and moving in the wrong direction, ”Guterres told international leaders gathered in New York.

The Portuguese diplomat presented a gloomy analysis of the international situation, marked in his opinion by the lack of unity in the response to the pandemic, the few advances in the fight against climate change, the growing inequalities and the crises in countries such as Afghanistan. Yemen and Ethiopia.

Regarding COVID-19, Guterres denounced the “obscenity” that means that many rich countries have vaccinated already to the majority of its population while in places like Africa more than 90 percent of the population is still waiting for the first dose.

Meanwhile, he highlighted the growing impact of global warming and demanded that all countries act quickly, starting with ambitious commitments at the next climate summit (COP26), to be held in November in Glasgow (United Kingdom).

In addition, he pointed out that the pandemic and the climate crisis have brought to light many of the great global problems, such as the lack of solidarity, selfishness, corruption and the enormous inequality that are triggering mistrust and hopelessness among citizens.

“When they see billionaires walking through space while millions go hungry on earth … When parents see a future for their children that looks worse than today’s problems … When young people do not see a future …”, he listed.

Guterres also warned of the situation in several conflict zones, starting with Afghanistan, where he urged the world to multiply humanitarian aid and “defend human rights, especially of women and girls.”

The former Portuguese Prime Minister also lamented the “return of military coups” in various regions of the world and blamed them, in part, on the lack of unity of the international community.

“Geopolitical divisions are undermining international cooperation and limiting the Security Council’s ability to make the necessary decisions. A feeling of impunity is being imposed ”, he pointed out.

Before dozens of heads of State and Government, Guterres closed his speech with a call to transform the world, give new impetus to multilateralism and regain the trust of all.

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