the world of education in disarray faced with the management of the health crisis

Students demonstrate in Lyon on January 26.

About ten thousand teachers from kindergarten to university, school nurses, high school students and students marched across France on Tuesday January 26 to denounce their working conditions and the management of the health crisis. At the call of an inter-union of education composed in particular of the FSU, the CGT, FO and Solidaires, they expressed their anger at the “Contempt” that the government would display towards them in the streets of Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Rennes, Bordeaux, Grenoble or even Clermont-Ferrand.

The rate of teacher strikers was around 11% according to the Ministry of National Education, while the FSU unions reported 33% of strikers in the first degree and 40% in the second. On the higher education side, teachers and students also joined the processions across the country, says Snesup-FSU. They call for a reopening of half-gauge universities under strict sanitary conditions, requiring in particular the requisition of premises and the hiring of contract workers.

In Paris, from the Luxembourg Gardens, some 4,500 people marched, according to the police headquarters. “Our working conditions are scandalous, protests Anita, professor in a college of Saint-Denis. The health protocol is non-existent, our students do not wear the mask many times during the day and the contaminations do not even lead to class closures. “ The teacher reports having learned that some of her students had had Covid-19 when they returned to class, when the parents had left a note. “Absenteeism is high in normal times and I rarely know why my students are absent. We do not have the human resources to support them and even less since this crisis ”, she explains, deploring the elimination of 1,880 positions at the start of the next school year in colleges and high schools.

In his Ile-de-France high school, Antoine only has 50% of the class, which means that “Half of the students only have half a timetable”, he deplores, calling for 100% coverage of face-to-face hours through the provision of premises by local communities.

“The 20%, we are not even going to try”

For Benoît Teste, secretary general of the FSU, “There is a real anger rising”. Opposite, the “Teachers’ Grenelle” launched by Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, which is due to end in February, is “Essentially communication, with surface upgrading”, he assures. A revaluation “So historic” that 69% of staff will not see the color in 2021, ironically the SNES in a press release.

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