The world of football mourns André Sinédo

Tributes to defender André Sinédo, passed by AS Magenta and Tiga Sport, member of the selection of New Caledonia, are multiplying. He died overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

André Sinédo passed away at the age of 44. Since this year, the one nicknamed “Eder” took care of the under-18 team of AS Magenta, the club where he spent most of his football career. Five championship titles, six Caledonian cups to his credit, two TOM cups as a defender: “He really is a great player.” for Pascal Uichi, the general manager of AS Magenta.

Dédé is a rough defender on the field, but a nice boy outside. He is a great man who will remain in the history of Caledonian football and AS Magenta.

Pascal Uichi, general manager of AS Magenta

His death was confirmed on Sunday, before the kick-off of the Tiga match against Lössi, during the semi-finals of the Caledonia Cup. A minute of silence was observed in his memory.

L’hommage de David Sigal et Mirna Kilama :


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