The world’s best value for money Dolby Atmos soundbar for even less

News bon plan The world’s best value for money Dolby Atmos soundbar for even less

Published on 07/30/2022 at 16:10

Recently, TCL has managed to establish itself as a global heavyweight in the audio market. Not only do the brand’s products easily compete with the stars of Samsung, Sony or Bose, but above all they are MUCH cheaper. The TCL TS9030 soundbar even received a prestigious award for its value for money (and another for its design). Good news, the amount to pay has just dropped again, we found the beast at an incredible price at Boulanger. For 179€, you will really transform your experience on the games, films and series you consume.

In the small booming soundbar market, there is a particularly prestigious award coveted by manufacturers: the EISA Award. For the years 2020 and 2021, the EISA for the best value for money in the world was given to the TCL TS9030. No, our title is not stupidly enticing.

Buy the TCL TS9030 at 179€ at Boulanger (ODR of 50€)

Released at nearly €300, Boulanger displays the TCL TS9030 at €229 in base price. It’s already really cheap for a good quality bar. But there is better. By completing a
quick online form (you just have to send proof of purchase, such as your invoice) to the brand itself, TCL will transfer you €50.

The cost price therefore drops to €179, unheard of to our knowledge.

Everything to remember about the TCL TS9030 3.1 soundbar

  • wireless subwoofer
  • 540 W of power (enough to strongly sound a room of more than 40m²)
  • Bluetooth et WiFi
  • Barre 3.1
  • Dolby Atmos compatible
  • Optical and HDMI ARC input
  • Technology immersive Ray Danz

Having a good soundbar is life changing no matter what content you are consuming on your TV, and no matter how good it is.

The reason for this is purely physical: a very thin modern TV just doesn’t have the size necessary to obtain nice round bass, a rich and full sound. Even if you don’t realize it out of habit, we can assure you that your TV naturally sounds hollow. Too many people value image more than sound, and that’s a mistake, anyone in the know will tell you that.

A sound bar in the living room is also practical simply for listening to music while cleaning or having friends over. The TCL TS9030 can be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi to your smartphone very easily (with Spotify connect for example), and off you go.

Buy the TCL TS9030 at 179€ at Boulanger (ODR of 50€)

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