The world’s first explosion-proof camera will not break even in the event of an explosion. May Dubai | Dubai with world’s first explosion-proof camera

Dubai: Dubai with a CCTV camera that did not break in the explosion. This type of CCTV camera is manufactured for the first time in the world. They are entitled. This kama can be found in places like military bases and airports. Install the . Causes and Consequences of Explosions and Accidents We will use this camera to know.

Detect fire, smoke and temperature changes This camera has a lot to offer. Evidence of the camera also shattering during massive explosions. Many of them are perishing. The new camera will help to avoid this. Oil mining sector, coastal area, industrial sector, prisons It can be used in other places as well.

Smaller camera captures more areas at once It can be done thanks to the manufacturers EMEA. Jr. Steven Kenny announced. The camera is built on the European and South American moon week. doing A camera made of stainless steel. The argument of the producers is that there is no destruction. 4K weekly videos are available from here. After successfully testing in various places, the camera du Released in Bye.

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