The (worst) most popular passwords of 2020

In partnership with a third party company specializing in data breach research, NordPass – a password manager – publishes a Top 200 of the most common passwords of 2020. The research is based on a total of almost 275 , 7 million passwords (therefore data leaks), of which only 44% were unique.

Such classifications follow one another with always the same observation. The most popular passwords are the easiest to guess. The full ranking is available here, but the Top 10 is sufficient to determine the extent of the problem.

1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. picture1
4. password
5. 12345678
6. 111111
7. 123123
8. 12345
9. 1234567890
10. password

For the intriguing – and anyway not very robust – password Ranked 10th, you should know that this word means … password in Portuguese.

Overall, people still use easy-to-remember passwords, including their own names, favorite sports and foods … “, writes NordPass. The most popular and iconic password 123456 has been exposed nearly 23.6 million times.

Typical advice includes using multi-factor authentication when possible to add an extra layer of protection. A password must be unique and strong for each account.

The easiest way is undoubtedly to use a password manager which will make it possible to ensure the complexity of the different passwords used and without having to remember them, except for the master password for which we will have to make an effort. It is also part of advice from the Cnil.


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