The writer Rafel Nadal collects the IX Pere Rodeja Memorial of booksellers

The Guild of Booksellers of Catalonia delivered yesterday afternoon, in an event held at the CaixaForum in Girona, the awards of the IX Pere Rodeja Memorial to the Girona writer and journalist Rafel nadal and at the Laie bookshop in Barcelona and its literary director, Lluís Morral. The awards ceremony began with a welcome speech by the president of the guild, M. Carme Ferrer from Girona, and also featured the intervention of the Garrotxa writer Martí Gironell.

For the award, the jury highlighted Nadal for “his willingness to go around the country, not to neglect any bookstore, no matter how small, able to tighten their routes to cover the entire territory and have contact with its readers ». Regarding the Barcelona bookshop, the jury highlights it as a place of “reference for the whole country”, of great cultural activity and literary commitment, with the capacity to renew its 40-year history but “faithful” to the prescription model .

Prize for the Geli bookstore

On the other hand, the Gremi d’Editors de Catalunya announced yesterday that the three oldest bookshops in Catalonia, the Geli bookshop (Girona, 1879), La 2 de Viladrich (Tortosa, 1760) and the Fabre Bookshop (Barcelona , 1860), will receive the Atlantis Prize this year. The delivery will take place on December 21, as part of the 35th Edition Night, at the Axa Auditorium in Barcelona. Also awarded will be the Akiara books publishing house in Barcelona, ​​an initiative of Inês Castel-Branco, awarded by the Fernando Lara Memorial, awarded by the Book Chamber of Catalonia, and the XXIII Ángel Crespo Translation Prize to Victoria Alonso Blanco, the Collegiate Association of Writers of Catalonia.

The Gremi d’Editors de Catalunya awards the Atlàntida Prize each year to a personality or entity of recognized prestige that has been distinguished for its contribution to the promotion of reading and the world of books and, also, for its commitment to promotion. and defending the value of culture and intellectual property.

With the award to the three bookstores, the Guild wanted to symbolize “its recognition of the enormous effort and capacity of resistance and continuity in the work done by the bookstores for its defense and promotion of the book and the reading, from the first line; especially in a year like this, so difficult because of the effects of the pandemic we are experiencing.


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