The Writing Classroom doubles the demand

One of the headlines left by the pandemic is that confinement has put on the table the will (or the need) to throw oneself into writing. This trend has already begun to be noticed in creative writing schools, a fashion that has translated into enrollment in training itineraries.

The monographic courses of the Aula d’Escriptura de Girona are an example. In 2020, according to its coordinator, Glòria Granell, the demand for monographic courses doubled, dedicated to delving into various elements -and stages- of the creative process, from the construction of the characters to architecture. of the dialogues.

This is, in fact, one of the gateways to the curriculum offered by the Girona facility. The other is a four-module training itinerary, scheduled to take place over two school years. In this sense, the new academic year will start reaching pre-pandemic enrollment figures, with about fifty students. In addition, the introductory course already has 71% employment, a figure that represents an increase of 21% over the previous year.

Regarding the profile of the students, Granell points out that this is a plural audience. “In recent years we have seen an increase in young people and, above all, men,” he said. This year, in addition, the team has signed the writer from Banyoles, Assum Guardiola, who will join the teaching staff.


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