The year 2020 in retro, our dossier

Dates and images that marked the year

♦ Twenty dates that marked the year 2020

Covid-19 pandemic, confinement, election of Joe Biden, Brexit, protests in Hong Kong, death of Samuel Paty, explosion in Beirut, trial of the January 2015 attacks … A look back at 20 highlights that made the news in 2020.

♦ In 2020, good news … despite everything

Despite the Covid-19, the year 2020 was punctuated by positive events. The fight against feminicides, a peace agreement, the development of a vaccine or even the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, an update on the good news of this year which is ending.

♦ Photos of 2020 that are good for morale

The year 2020 is also about solidarity, fraternity, isolated initiatives that bring us together. “La Croix” has selected a few photos which remind us, through the shadows, that this year was also punctuated by light.

Religious news on video

♦ Highlights of religious news in 2020

On the occasion of the special issue of The Cross, the year of religions, return to religious news in 2020, marked in France by two attacks, the difficult maintenance of worship and links between believers during confinements, and by publications of Pope Francis, in particular the encyclical All Brothers.

A look back at the presidential year

♦ 2020, the year that changed the five-year term

On December 31, 2019, Emmanuel Macron affirmed that “The decade which opens can be ours”. “My dear fellow citizens, this year 2020 will have been trying for all of us”, declared a year later its Prime Minister Jean Castex. What separates these two quotes, everyone knows: a year under the sign of Covid-19.

Culture: our favorites for 2020

♦ Books that marked 2020

A subjective look back at the year 2020 in bookstores, with literary and spiritual works that offered reflection and breath to this singular period.

♦ The year 2020 in five discs

Confined, deprived of concerts and festivals, the musicians were not at the party in 2020. This year has fortunately seen the emergence of magnificent musical projects that we hope to be able to hear on stage in 2021. Back on five favorites , five records to keep and listen to.

♦ The year 2020 in five films

Despite rooms closed for more than five months, attendance down by nearly 70% and the virtual absence of American releases, some films have managed to re-enchant a daily life heavily weighed down by the health crisis. Our five necessarily subjective favorites of the year.

♦ Five shows of the year 2020 to see online

The first cultural sector affected by the health crisis, the living scene will not be able to find its audience before the start of 2021. Fortunately, theater, music and even dance have been able to continue to survive thanks to a rich online programming. The cross offers a selection of 5 shows.

♦ Five memorable exhibitions of 2020

Shaken up by the pandemic, the 2020 museum program still offered superb exhibitions. Here are our five favorites, to be found through their catalogs and filmed visits on the Internet.


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