the young victims are of Slovak origin

The police were notified during the night from Friday to Saturday, around 2:30 am, that a car had left the road in the Lys. The emergency services went to the scene and the firefighters brought to the surface a car in which were four passengers, three men and a woman. No identity document was initially found on board. The vehicle involved was a Peugeot registered in France.

The investigation carried out by the police confirms the hypothesis that the victims are of Slovak origin. “Yesterday evening, there was a positive identification of the four victims,” police spokesman Bart De Cocker told our colleagues at HLN.

The victims are a 33-year-old man and his 35-year-old partner, as well as two other men, 23 and 26. “The female victim, the partner of the Slovak man, is therefore probably also of Slovak origin. It was not registered in Belgium, ”said the police spokesperson. The autopsy carried out made it possible to find the papers of the two victims, 23 and 26 years old. “In one of the people, there is a link with France, but this route is under investigation. There is currently no suspicion or indication that the car was stolen. Yesterday evening we had a positive identification of the four victims. They all have Slovak nationality, ”concludes Bart De Cocker.


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