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One of the changes you are planning to make YouTube In a short time, it has attracted the attention of the entire planet, since nobody expected something like that. It turns out that those who run this website thought it would be a good idea to remove the button. dislikes After so many years in existence, obviously this measure was not going to go unnoticed by anyone. So much was the stir that the co-founder of the platform Jawe Karim he also decided to lash out at this decision.

YouTube co-founder unhappy with move against dislikes

The first video uploaded to YouTube in all its history it belongs to this co-founder, Jawe Karim, called Me at the zoo, which is one of the most important on the platform. It turns out that in the description of this short film, this executive decided to post a message explaining why this new measure seems completely reprehensible, since, according to him, “It is a mediocre measure.”

In accordance with Karim, the dislikes on YouTube It allows you to differentiate good content from bad, so it is a way to prevent content creators from making mediocre material. However, now that it cannot be seen publicly, it will no longer be known whether the type of material being uploaded is really good or not, making the platform mediocre. YouTube It has not been expressed in this regard, the only thing that is known is that they plan to make this change to avoid discrimination against users.

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