Theater in Switzerland: We make “Mohrenkopf” into “Zwinglihoden”

“Love Play Fight” is the motto of the Neumarkt Theater, beautifully located in Zurich’s old town. Since last year, it has been headed by Hayat Erdoğan, Tine Milz and Julia Reichert in a Triummulierat, the female counterpart of the Triumvirate. A good move for the house traditionally associated with the avant-garde, in which Lenin and Trotsky hung long before it was a theater because the Communist Party of Switzerland was meeting there. Those who had the motto for the season opener 2019 tattooed got free entry for one year. In recent months, like everywhere else, Corona has made gaming impossible. Gradually it starts again. A visit to the director’s office at the top under the roof (the windows are open).


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