Theatrical releases July 2021 – This documentary shows impressively how things are going on our planet


Six experts take us on a research trip into the ocean and into space, a French drama illuminates jealousy – that and more awaits you in the cinema.

The trailer for «Who we were».

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  • Here you can find out everything about the most exciting films that will be shown in theaters this week.

  • Marc Bauder’s new documentary shows the planet earth from new perspectives.

  • A French drama deals with jealousy among friends.

  • A Broadway musical by Manuel-Lin Miranda hits the big screen.

  • The Olchis are looking for a new home.

«Who we were»

«I had no length in view, I just told myself that the film was the time
will take what he needs. And he did, ”says author and director Marc Bauder in a press statement about“ Who we were ”.

It has become around two hours – two hours in which the state of our planet is shown.

Research trip to the ocean

And that from a new point of view, the documentary relies on a change of perspective: Bauder takes us to impressive locations, including the depths of the ocean, to the contaminated zone of Fukushima and into space.

A film as a research trip, that’s what drove Bauder: »We have information that wasn’t available years ago. So how can I network this information and get people out of their passivity? “

Appeal from space

Six experts will have their say, including the marine biologist Sylvia Earle and the astronaut Alexander Gerst. «We have this little blue planet. The only place in the universe where people can live – and we have nothing better to do than destroy it, ”he says on his space station.

The documentary highlights how sustainable, positive change can work and looks to the future: What will future societies think about us? The film was inspired by the eponymous book, which Roger Willemsen was still working on until shortly before his death in 2016.

“The happiness of some …”

Léa (Bérénice Bejo), Marc (Vincent Cassel), Karine (Florence Foresti) and Francis (François Damiens) share a long friendship: the two couples have known each other for years and the group dynamics work perfectly.

But when Léa writes a novel and publishes it, she makes it onto the bestseller lists – but unfortunately Marc, Karina and Francis are not happy for them. The reactions are divided, jealousy spreads and there is a big row.

Selfishness and jealousy

Director Daniel Cohen built the story around the theme of jealousy and also gives space to emotions such as egoism, envy and bitterness: “I was fascinated to explore these topics – in a group in which the sudden success of a person implodes the apparent equilibrium lets », he explains in a press statement.

As a creative person, dealing with the many opinions people have about you and listening to yourself is difficult.

The trailer for “Le bonheur des uns…”.


«In the Heights»

“Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon M. Chu brings the Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda to the screen. The story takes place in New York in summer, with the bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos) at the center.

He saves as much as possible in order to fulfill his wish: Usnavi dreams of a better life in his home country, the Dominican Republic, and fights for social justice as part of the Latinx community.

The trailer for “In the Heights”.

Warner Bros.

«The Olchis – Welcome to Schmuddelfing»

Who would want to live next to the stinking olchis? Nobody – that’s why the search for a new home is difficult for mom (voiced by Annemarie Carpendale) and dad Olchi (Wayne Carpendale).

But when the family dragon Feuerstuhl crashes, they end up with their children on a rubbish dump – the ideal home in which they work on a machine that is supposed to neutralize the stink of garbage.

The trailer for “The Olchis – Welcome to Schmuddelfing”.

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