Their bodies are not a disgrace .. the procedures for washing and burying the deceased with the corona virus .. video

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The Ministry of Health and Population said: “Upon death, the handling of the death case is completed with the same isolation procedures (contact / contact) as followed.

Regarding the transfer of the body to the hospital refrigerator, the Ministry said: The body is raised with the surrounding sheet and transported on a trolley that can be cleaned and disinfected taking into account the wearing of personal condoms (high-efficiency respiratory mask, a clean latex glove that covers the abaya at the wrist, the thick cloak that covers the arms and chest and extends downwards Knee / goggles or face protectors, headgear, long-necked plastic shoes) with a firm commitment to remove the condoms in a correct manner and pay close attention to washing hands while completing the removal of the condom.

Washing and shrouding procedures


1- Wearing appropriate personal protectors (high-efficiency respiratory mask, clean latex glove, covering the wrist over the wrist, the thick cloak that covers the arms and chest and extending to the bottom of the knee, protective eyeglasses or face shields, headgear, the plastic shoe of the neck).

Surrounding the situation during washing:

It should prevent the entry of individuals who do not need to be present during washing, and in case of necessity, keep the body more than one meter away and wear appropriate condoms such as a high-efficiency respiratory mask, a clean latex glove that covers the abaya from the wrist, the thick cloak that covers the arms and chest and extends to the bottom of the knee, the glasses The protective gear or the face guard, the head covering, the plastic shoe of the neck, and the parts of the body from which secretions occur must be covered with impermeable dressings.

Procedures for transporting the body after washing and shrouding in an ambulance:

1- The body is transported after washing and shrouding inside the non-permeable bag of fluids, and a sign of infection risk is placed on it, as indicated in the official papers.

2 – It is taken into account that there are no people in the car other than ambulance personnel and only one of the relatives of the deceased.

3- The corpse must be inside a closed box that can be cleaned and disinfected, bearing in mind that it should not be opened except in the landfill.

4- Everyone in the car next to the corpse must commit to wearing the appropriate personal protective gear.

5- While praying for the deceased, it is observed that the box is not opened for any reason.

Burial procedures:

1- When opening the box to transport the body inside the cemetery, the obligation of the person who is buried shall wear the personal protective devices.

2- Take into account the presence of the minimum number possible when entering the corpse.

3- Full commitment to washing hands or massaging them with alcohol when available to everyone who deals with the deceased.

4- Commitment to cleaning and disinfection of all work surfaces that have come into contact with the corpse starting from (the deceased’s bed, the refrigerator to keep the dead, the ambulance surfaces, the transport of the dead) using disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health such as liquid chlorine at a concentration of 5% to a concentration of 1: 9.

5- The body should not be embalmed.



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