Their Expedia credit is melting like snow in the sun

A couple in their seventies from the Montérégie region were amazed to realize that their Air Canada flight credit obtained in the wake of the pandemic was no longer worth $ 975, but $ 790. Who kept the difference of $ 185? Air Canada or Expedia? Nobody knows !

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Like many other Quebecers, Claudette Provençal and Réjean Latour had to cancel a trip to Las Vegas last fall. They got a credit of $ 975, which is what they paid to the online agency Expedia for their two tickets.

Last month, seeing a fare of $ 790 for the same round trip next October, they used their credit to book new tickets. Expedia charged them a fee of $ 11 to complete the transaction.

“In my head, they were going to apply the $ 975 credit and we were going to have a balance of $ 185 that I could have used for another trip, say a year from now. But the Expedia agent told me it wasn’t possible, ”says Latour.

Expedia first told him that the taxes were non-refundable, which is not true.

The Journal asked Expedia for an explanation.

“As if the travel industry wasn’t complex enough, unfortunately not all credits are configured the same. Airlines issue flight credits based on the fare and type of ticket purchased. The airline also determines the applicable terms and conditions or restrictions. In this specific case, Air Canada’s flight credit policy does not allow the passenger to keep the amount if there is a difference in fare between the first and the new ticket, ”says a spokesperson for the giant. American, Mary Zajac.

However, in May 2020, amid the anger of travelers who demanded reimbursement for the hundreds of canceled flights, Air Canada relaxed its policies.

“Travel agencies have the option of offering the Air Canada travel voucher option to their customers,” explains a spokesperson for the carrier, Pascale Déry. This allows the customer to get a travel voucher that never expires, is fully transferable, and retains any residual value. “

Mme Provençal and Mr. Latour will be able to convert their $ 185 balance into a travel voucher by calling Air Canada, insists Déry.

“We would be happy to do it for them, we do it for everyone,” she says.

The moral of the story: Before using an Air Canada flight credit, be sure to convert it to a travel voucher, since the change does not happen automatically.

“There are a lot of people who book on Expedia, they have to be aware,” says Réjean Latour.


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