their number was given by Proximus… to a certain Abdel, “it costs us a lot of money”

Customers who wish to order “a fries” by phone at “Frats Frit” have a funny surprise. While they dial the “right” number for the Oddsbergen chip shop, they find themselves… at a certain Abdel’s. However, the fritkot has been around since 2017. According to managers Jan and Nele, their number changed overnight. An error of their telephone operator which costs them a lot of money, especially in these times disrupted by the health crisis.

Jan deplores the situation with HBVL, “I called our supplier Scarlet. There, I was told that we had been given a different phone number. Please. Without asking for anything. They saw in their system that at the end of May, there had been a request from another provider to take back my number. Scarlet had to keep us posted. But we haven’t had any news ”.

In fact, the number of the chip shop was given by Proximus to a certain Abdel, a resident of Genk. To help the fryers, the latter was ready to give his number again. Scarlet still hasn’t reactivated it, however: “We’re running out of orders because people can’t reach us on our phone number. It costs us a lot of money ”.

Scarlet and Proximus speak of an “administrative error”. Pending a resolution of the problem, “Frats Frit” asks its customers to order… via Facebook.


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