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Therapist Romasov warned Russians against trying to treat SARS with alcohol. reedus

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Therapist of Invitro company Ivan Romasov spoke about folk methods of treatment that can be effective in the treatment of acute respiratory viral diseases (ARVI).

According to Romasov, many of these methods are actually more likely to interfere with treatment: “Most of them are scientifically unfounded and have only a weak physiotherapeutic effect, which can even be harmful in the active stage of a cold.”

“Alcohol can immediately be classified as a prohibited substance, since using it during a cold can increase intoxication and lead to bad consequences,” quotes therapist RIA FAN.

Romasov also criticized such popular folk methods of fighting colds as drinking tea with lemon and ginger and effervescent vitamin C. According to him, they are useful only in terms of rehydration and detoxification of the body, and are completely contraindicated for people with chronic stomach diseases and urolithiasis. .

Ivan Romasov considers honey to be the most useful folk remedy for cough and sore throat – science has collected a large evidence base about its therapeutic effect. There are other folk methods that can be of real benefit.

“A remedy that has not been studied, but logically it is effective, is inhalation over boiled potatoes or a water bath. When coughing, inhalations with saline are often used. In the case of potatoes and a water bath, the steam is also moist, and indirectly a similar effect can be achieved. told Izvestia therapist.

In addition, the doctor approved such methods of traditional medicine as washing the nasal cavity with saline solutions, drinking chicken broth, good sleep, drinking plenty of water and rest.

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