There are 10 dead in Cuernavaca massacre

The death of the tenth victim of the massacre registered on September 1 at a wake in the Antonio Barona neighborhood was confirmed. Photo: @Mor_en_lucha

Cuernavaca, Morelos

The Morelos Prosecutor Uriel Carmona Gándara confirmed the death of the tenth victim of the massacre recorded on September 1 at a wake in the Antonio Barona neighborhood.

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The Prosecutor took the opportunity to justify the lack of results in the investigations 20 days after the events were recorded, “because there are no more police officers, because there are no resources and there is a lack of training” for that I apologize.

But despite this he assured, that they bring solid lines of research and it will be found those responsible and detailed that the last death corresponds to a minor under 15 years of age, surnamed Ocampo who was seriously injured since the night of the attack.

On December 10, the parents of the young people killed in this massacre They demanded results from the Prosecutor, but also an apology for having accused their children without evidence of being involved in criminal activities.

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In response, the Prosecutor Uriel Carmona said that the parents of minors ask for whatever, “one who is a father understands that they are right, but of course they have the right to ask for whatever, and we will find those responsible and we are near”.

“What I ask is your apologies, because the day has 24 hours and we do not have more police, because we do not have more resources and because we do not have more training for that reason I apologize to all the victims,” ​​he said.



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