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There are 5 brothers in Mobile Legends, did you know?

Did you know, there are a total of 5 sibling characters in the Mobile Legends game! Mobile Legends players are already very large in number, and are one of the most popular games in Indonesia lately.

Behind the strategy and also the Esports tournament screen, this MOBA game has a very interesting storyline to follow. This storyline is owned by every character in the game.

Some characters connect with each other, and have relationships in the world of Mobile Legends, as we all know is a romantic relationship Lancelot and Odette, or Carmilla dan Cecilion.

Did you know that there are many characters who have siblings in the Mobile Legends storyline, and these siblings are playable characters.

Brother and sister characters in Mobile Legends!

Lesley and Harley

For this brother, of course you have realized it first, because if you use Harley and Lesley in one team, you even get an additional buff that adds your HP.

In the Mobile Legends story, Lesley is a child of a guardian of a noble family, where Harley is part of the nobility.

Harley mlbb

Lesley’s father died while protecting the aristocratic kingdom from attack, so Lesley was raised in the family and eventually vowed to take care of Harley wherever he went as far as the Land of Dawn.

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Zilong dan Chang’e

Zilong Revamp

Coming from the same academy as Great Dragon, the two of them were very close to each other. There is still no specific story that says that they are siblings.

skin starlight member november 2020
photo via mobile legends

But in lore Chang’e mentioned that the girl likes to spend time with her older brother, Zilong. They are from the same academy, where Zilong is the adopted son of the Great Dragon, Chang’e is the disciple of the Great Dragon.

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Karina and Selena

source : uhdpaper.com

Do you know why Karina and Selena can enter the zodiac sign Gemini in the Zodiac Mobile Legends skin? Because they are described as brothers of the nation Dark Elf.

On the one hand Karina has good intentions with her moon sword, Selena has to sink into the Abyss world thus leaving the Dark Elves. When Selena enters the Abyss world, her memories of Karina are erased.

Therefore, we have not seen any dialogue or interaction between these two elves which proves that they remember one another, but they come from the same village.

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Saber from Alpha

Saber Revamp

They are not specifically one blood because they are both cyborg or a half-robot human made in a laboratory.

In the world of Mobile Legends there is a scientist who is very famous, and is connected with many characters named Dr. Rooney. He is a scientist who helps Saber and Alpha thrive.

Saber was created first and then he left the Lab. Alpha who was also created there then fled from there, he fled with the help of Saber.

hero counter alpha mobile legends ml

Alpha’s brother, Beta, doesn’t survive when they escape from the laboratory, and Dr. Rooney makes Beta into a small plane that you can see if you use Alpha.

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Silvana and Dyroth

The writer also just realized the relationship between these siblings, because lore from Syroth and Silvana are very connected seeing their similar backgrounds.

It is said that Dyroth was a child of the great kingdom taken by Alice as a baby, brought into the world of the Abyss. Dyroth’s entry into the world of the Abyss makes him more and more like a demon figure and an evil force.

hero counter Dyrroth

Silvana, on the one hand, is Dyroth’s older brother who is looking for where his sister disappeared, and you can prove that in Silvana’s dialogue, which says he will look for his missing sister.

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Well, that’s some information about Mobile Legends characters who have siblings in the Land of Dawn, what do you think? Did you know beforehand?

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