“There are 6,000 HIV infections every year in France”

At the controls of “19/20” and “Roots and wings”, the journalist from France 3 hosts a debate during an evening for the thirty years of the fight against the AIDS virus, Monday November 30 at 11:25 pm.

“The world does not stop at the Covid emergency”
“When we are fighting an epidemic, we should not forget other battles that are just as important. We were deprived of the evening Sidaction, and World AIDS Day, December 1, will be undermined by Covid figures, but there are 6,000 HIV infections every year! People are mobilized to seek a vaccine and improve treatments. The 30th anniversary of the fight against HIV finds its place all the more since we are in the public service. The world does not stop at the Covid emergency. ”

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“It is useful to set the record straight”
“This anniversary evening opens with 120 beats per minute . This punchy film is a photograph of the society of the time, and of the fight led by l’association Act Up at the beginning of the 90s. There is an energy of living, of fighting, stories of love, of friendship, where death looms. We were dying of AIDS and life expectancy was tiny. We had to go quickly and get the power, the labs and public opinion moving. It helps to set the record straight to show where we started from and how we got things done. “

“A special on reborn masterpieces”
“We had several ideas for subjects for“ Roots and Wings ”. We wanted to come back to the Notre-Dame building site, then produce another number on Venice, which is fighting against the rising waters. But, given the health constraints, we chose to do a special on these masterpieces that are reborn after a fire or a disaster. The cathedral of Chartres suffered a very big fire in the 19th century and we tried to understand how the architects had thought of this renaissance at the time by using modern materials while respecting the history of the monument. ”

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“It is difficult to always renew yourself”
“We were able to return to Our Lady when they were removing the urgently constructed scaffolding. And we attended removal of the organ, covered with lead dust. It is difficult to always renew and find the themes that will relaunch the magazine. Over the years, Patrick Charles, who is our memory and our guide, has evolved the concept. We take up subjects that we revisit from a different angle, because often the issues have evolved over time, the people who took care of things are no longer there and have been replaced. ”

“Relaying the information while remaining positive”
“I always have great pleasure in presenting the 19/20, because it is the news that constantly renews it, even if it is very heavy at the moment. We must each time try to think how, in this so dark period, with this shift into precariousness for some, we can continue to maintain links with parents and friends. How am I going to relate the news while putting something positive in it and providing reasons to believe it? That’s what fascinates me: everything that is done upstream, with the newspaper team! ”

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“I wish Marie-Sophie Lacarrau good luck”
«The start of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau was very quick. It’s a new adventure. She probably wanted to challenge herself. She is a very talented and very human woman, and I wish her good luck. I remember having taken great pleasure in presenting the 1pm newscast on France 2 with Rachid Arhab (from 1998 to 2000, ndr). But I am very happy to present the 19/20. I consider it a one o’clock at night. We are at the level of men, of territories, but with the capacity to take a step back. “

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