“There are a lot of people so we put extra teams on it” (video)

The images are broadcast by our colleagues from Laatste Nieuws and show a crowded Grand-Place in Brussels this Saturday evening. Many people and a strong animation despite the coronavirus measures. “We are present and talk to people,” confirms the spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police to the Flemish newspaper.

“We do not control intensively because it seems that these are mainly family bubbles. But there are a lot of people and so we put additional teams on it, ”he adds. But the spokesperson already says that the police “are examining possible measures to prevent so many people from gathering in the coming month”.

“A lot of people went to the city center today. Unfortunately too many people at the same time. We ask each of you to respect all sanitary instructions. We must absolutely continue our efforts, ”tweeted mayor Philippe Close.


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