There are shooting stars!The meteor shower debuted on the 28th and unfolded in all directions, “you can see it when you look up” jqknews

There will be a meteor shower in the sky (picture / file photo)

Gu Yanning Comprehensive Report / Taipei City

It’s hot and stuffy in the summer and you don’t want to go out, but in the next few days, when the nights are cooler, go out and look up at the sky! The Taipei Astronomical Science Education Center pointed out that from today (28th) to the 31st, there will be 5 meteor showers in the sky. The first will be the Perseid meteor shower, which will reach its maximum on August 13. , Hundreds of meteors are expected to appear in the night sky every hour, and others include the Southern Aquarius, Capricornus, Australis and Dracoids.

The unique meteor shower will bloom in the sky at the same time

The planetarium also pointed out that the five meteor showers each have their own characteristics. For example, the Southern Aquarius meteor shower is the most numerous meteor shower, with up to 25 meteors per hour, while the Capricornids, Piscis and Dracoids each have about 5 meteors. There are about 10 Cascade meteor showers. When the radiation points of these 5 meteor showers rise at the same time at 10 pm, countless meteor showers will cut through the night sky and bring a wonderful performance. The meteors do not come from a single radiant point, but spread out from all directions, so people can see the meteor shower just by looking up.

Saturn’s rings will appear in the sky planetarium invites the public to enjoy

In addition to the above-mentioned meteor shower, the planetarium also added that Saturn will reach “opposition” on August 15, which is the brightest and most suitable time for viewing in the year. At this time, Saturn’s rings will be close to 0 magnitude. Think about it. People who bet on Saturn’s rings can also seize the opportunity at this time. After the 15th, the inclination of Saturn’s rings will gradually decrease, and it will disappear from view by 2025.

The Planetarium will also hold astrological commentary and sunspot viewing activities on the 30th and 31st, as well as astrological programs on the giant dome screen of the Cosmos Theater. Interested people can go to the official website of the Taipei City Planetarium to check related information.

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Schematic diagram of the night sky on July 28 (Photo/As of the official website of Taipei Astronomical Education Center)

Saturn’s rings will appear in the night sky (Photo/As of the official website of Taipei Astronomical Education Center)


News source: China Television News

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