“There are trusts to be made up on patients”, estimates the Association of victims of unauthorized clinical trials

2023-06-03 20:43:14

“Patients are the first to pay the price” for Didier Raoult’s therapeutic protocol, according to Dr. Amélie Boissier-Descombes for whom from now on “patients, unfortunately, will be afraid of clinical research.”

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Didier Raoult at the IHU in Marseille for a press conference.  April 20, 2022. (FRANCK PENNANT / MAXPPP)

There are confidences to be made up on the patients, on the doctors“, estimated Saturday June 3 on franceinfo the doctor Amélie Boissier-Descombes, president of the Association of victims of unauthorized clinical trials, and coordinator with doctor Mathieu Molimard from the tribune “Restoring trust in clinical research by enforcing the rules“, while the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) has announced that it “prepares to take legal action“concerning the publication of a controversial study co-signed by Didier Raoult. The former director of the Marseille IHU had published in March a study not reviewed by his peers on the supposed effectiveness of treatments such as hydroxychloroquine.

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Patients are the first to pay the price” of these tests, says Amélie Boissier-Descombe. “Patients, unfortunately, are going to be afraid of clinical research.“To obtain patient consent prior to clinical research,”you have to trust the doctors“, if not these patients “won’t sign up to do clinical research and that’s going to delay medical advances in a lot of areas. It’s really very sad“.

According to the president of the Association of Victims of Unauthorized Clinical Trials, “potential victims“from the IHU of Marseille”are the 30,000 patients submitted“to these trials.”Even those who suffered no clinical or medical harm, all patients suffered harm because they were not within a legal framework“says the doctor.

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Amélie Boissier-Descombe is now waiting for “the government is looking into the matter seriously, since it is the largest wild clinical trial that has ever been carried out, and especially carried out within a university hospital center, by our peers“.

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