there have been no deaths since the previous day

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The epidemic continues to progress in our region with 24 new confirmed cases identified by Public Health France on May 23, bringing the total to 5,234 since the start

Regional results in hospitals

  • 378 people are currently hospitalized (+ 4 compared to the previous day)
  • 57 people are currently in intensive care or intensive care, a patient who joined these services the day before
  • 1,822 people have been cured from the hospital since the start of the epidemic (+ 1 compared to the previous day)

Since the start of the epidemic, 382 deaths among hospitalized people, the same number as the day before

In the Ehpad

A total of 398 Ehpad patients have been involved in a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 case since the start of the epidemic.

By isolating the closed reports (negative tests or return to normal in the establishment), it is established that on May 24, 107 Ehpad are currently concerned by a situation of Covid-19 confirmed or suspect among residents or the staff, or 11.9% of EHablissements in our region.

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