There is a lot of water on Mars



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 6:43 PM – Scientists have discovered further evidence that water exists in a liquid state on Mars. The data collected revealed the presence of vast lakes beneath the thick layer of ice that covers the South Pole.


The European Space Agency is analyzing data collected by the Mars Express probe and its radar. In 2018, scientists detected the presence of liquid water on the surface of Mars, under 1.5 km of ice. Today, extensive research has revealed the existence of three other bodies of water on the neighboring planet of Earth, in the South Pole region. The largest lake is approximately 600 square kilometers and is surrounded by others. smaller sources.

Given the cold temperature on the Red Planet, scientists believe these lakes contain very salty water to remain liquid. On Earth, these sources of water buried under the ice exist, in particular the lake Vostok, in Antarctica. These places could support any form of life.

In the course of its history, Mars has already been warmer and wetter. The water was there in a liquid state. Today the planet is too cold and dry and the atmosphere is too thin for this element to remain stable on its surface. However, these new discoveries pave the way for an era of exciting space exploration. Colonization of the planet Mars could be facilitated by the presence of large amounts of water below the surface.

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