“There is no one here for the anti covid swab”

Alba Parietti’s complaint after landing from Ibiza to Malpensa: “There is no one here”. Return due ten days early Coronavirus and controversy served. Parietti posted stories on Instagram to document the absence of control at the airport once she returned to Italy.

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«I’ll be back 10 days early. Rightly so. Buffer and, if all is well, Courmayeur. Where it will be easier to respect the rules». Alba Parietti had announced his early return, causes coronavirus, from the vacancies via Instagram and not without controversy, especially after declaring that «sThere is something wrong with the tampon ordinance for those returning from countries at risk. It seems to me more a way to discourage tourism outside Italy».
Parietti was on vacation in Ibiza where she has a house and this afternoon, she landed in Malpensa where she found a nasty surprise.
Equipped with mobile phone and mask Alba Parietti denounced the total absence of checks once she arrived at the airport: «Check nobody, I have also prepared a self-declaration, at 17.30 everyone leaves, so you have to report yourself, I think, at least that’s what I will do and wait for them to call you back. Anyway one can go away smoothly and if one cares, they don’t care “.

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