there may be consequences for our planet!

On June 29, the Earth narrowly avoided being hit by a solar flare. And if we avoided being hit by it, the eruption caused the projection of plasma in our direction. When it touches our magnetic field, it causes a magnetic storm.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration experts now predict a minor G1-class magnetic storm to occur on July 6, which is tomorrow. This means that we will not be directly disturbed by the phenomenon, but that electrical networks or satellites could suffer slight malfunctions.

Essential classifications

Some solar storms cause radio blackouts and can pose a threat to ISS astronauts. This is the reason why the classification of this phenomenon is important, in order to be able to react as well as possible to certain threats.

In addition, this storm will cause auroras which will be visible in the northern states of the United States. Experts further point out that this solar wind escapes from a “cyclops-like hole in the sun’s atmosphere”. These are actually coronal holes, and these are the areas that appear dark when examined with X-rays.

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