There were 22 wounds from the autopsy result of Tangmo Nida’s body that occurred before he fell on the speedboat, according to this YouTuber

GORONTALO TERRACE — Result related issues autopsy wound Tangmo Nida back circulating below a number wound artist beautiful Thailand It doesn’t happen in water, but on land.

Even from the results of matching data results autopsy and also profile check of speedboathas now been confiscated at the Nonthanburi police station, Thailand.

There were many interesting things, when Doctor Pronthip came to the police station Thailand.
Doctor Pronthip immediately took a photo shoot and looked at various angles and then matched it with the existing data. Because there are 22 wound results autopsy corpse Tangmo Nida which until now a number of wound the exact cause is not known.

However, related issues wound it appears that wound artist beautiful Thailand this doesn’t happen in water.

Reported by Teras Gorontalo from Anjas’ YouTube Channel on Thailand, Friday March 25, 2022, “TANGMO NIDA WOUND HAPPEN ON LAND NOT IN WATER?? Part 42. Anjas said, based on the issues circulating on the internet. Wound-wound Tangmo Nida actually it didn’t happen in the water or in the Chao Phraya River where he died artist beautiful Thailand that.

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Tangmo Nida not die in the river, but first executed somewhere and then drowned. This issue is getting louder and louder Thailand Right now,” said Anjas.

Based on data and photos, Doctor Pornthip and also the Human Rights Commission directly saw and also carried out inspections.

“In that inspection, Doctor Pornthip declare results autopsy both sides focus on 11 points wound Tangmo NidaBut 22 strokes and dots wound also still under scrutiny, “he said.
Temporary, speedboat used Tangmo Nida and his friends who were confiscated at the police station Thailand also suspected not speedboat the original.

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