There were vehicle hijackings during the weekend in Viedma operations

2023-05-28 23:39:43

During the weekend, various traffic operations were carried out in the city, carried out by the First Regional Unit of Viedma and people were also identified, through the RN Active Security App.

With this application, it allows greater controls with more intensity on vehicles and people. According to the Río Negro Police report, a total of 70 motorcycles and 338 vehicles were identified, including cars and trucks.

The results of these controls led to the retention of a motorcycle that had a kidnapping request requested by the city of Bahía Blanca, according to the control carried out by members of the First Police Station.

Personnel from the Viedma Road Safety Corps also retained an expired driver’s license and therefore preventively detained the vehicle in which the driver was circulating, carrying out the corresponding infraction.

They also detailed that the Rural Brigade proceeded to kidnap a protected species that was transported in a vehicle, and for its part, the Motorized Brigade together with Viedma Municipal Transit, retained a motorcycle for not having the documentation.

All the procedures included the participation of all the Public Order Units, as well as the COER Special Group, personnel from the Automotive Theft Department, Canes Section and the Motorized Support Brigade.

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