“There will be a Liberal Democrat candidate in front of him”

The tensions within the MR are far from being forgotten. “The Crucke Affair” continues to make waves within the party. The federal deputy and ex-minister Denis Ducarme, candidate defeated against Georges-Louis Bouchez during the presidential election of the party at the end of 2019, declares in an interview with the DH this Monday evening that he is already thinking of the succession of the presidency of the party end of 2023.

“I undertake to continue to uphold more popular, more democratic values, more geared towards equal opportunities, towards the neutrality of the State, towards the defense of purchasing power. Values ​​that have always been carried by the liberal current. I want to take a date and tell them that when Georges-Louis Bouchez’s mandate expires, there will be a candidate of liberal-democratic or liberal-social inspiration.” Will Denis Ducarme be a candidate? “It could be someone else. We will decide together,” he replies.

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The former federal minister does not share certain positions of his president. “The MR is not a right-wing movement, it’s a movement that has always gone from the center to the right”, explains Denis Ducarme to our colleagues.


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