Theresa Wienathan Unpacking The Other Side Of Nia Ramadhani Behind The Glamorous Effect Page all

JAKARTA,– Friends and personal assistants Nia Ramadhani, Theresa Wienathan reveal Nia’s character that the public may not know about.

Regardless of the impression that is received by the community as a Nia, in the eyes of Tere, called Theresa Wienathan, who has worked with Nia for almost seven years, Nia is a person who has positive thoughts.

Including when facing negative comments from netizens when Nia was caught in a drug case.

“Fortunately Nia is a very positive type of person. Nia is a type of person who when she bad mood he can manage his mind,” said Tere quoted from YouTube Melanie Ricardo.

“He’s the one too legowo yes. Typical people who can see things from several points of view,” he added.

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According to him, Nia is also a patient person. Not only as a wife and mother, but also as a friend.

“Patience is a Nia, from married life, the lessons he gives regardless of the conditions, the guy is still a priest. Even if he gets angry, we as women must be patient,” Tere said remembering Nia’s message to him.

“Even in the present circumstances, if I— kaitin, he is very patient. It’s like when people say ‘looking for’ reason to give thanks,'” Tere continued.

That’s why, people will always be able to feel positive every time there is Nia Ramadhani around them.

“He’s trying to find a position of ‘I’m thinking from which side, so I can see this as a positive and not disturbing thing’ mood me,’ it’s a Nia Ramadhani,” said Tere.

This includes employees who work with Nia and Ardi Bakrie.

According to Tere, the married couple who have been married for 12 years are also very friendly to their employees, far different from the luxurious impression that has been attached to the two of them.

Tere then gave a small sample when they went out to eat.

“Day humble although it looks so (luxury). Very humble, I think yes, Sis,” said Tere.

“You can sit ngomper eat together with the aide, with Ms. (ART). He and Pak Ardi are typical, for example, which stall to eat, the driver at different tables, he doesn’t want to, ‘let’s all sit together at one table,'” Tere said.

For information, the judges of the Central Jakarta District Court (PN) sentenced artist Nia Ramadhani and her husband, Ardi Bakrie, to 1 year in prison.

This case began with the arrest of Nia Ramadhani’s driver, Zen Vivanto, at Nia’s residence in mid-2021. Together with Zen, the police found evidence in the form of a clip of shabu weighing 0.78 grams.

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