Thermomix: Woman cooks tomato soup – and makes fateful mistakes

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Thermomix explodes – woman makes fatal mistake

Thermomix: is the all-rounder worth it?

Thermomix: is the all-rounder worth it?

Can the Thermomix really do everything and for whom is the purchase of the device worthwhile?

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A pensioner from France was a convinced Thermomix user for years. But when she is making a sauce, a bad accident happens.

Fréjus / Berlin.

  • A woman was severely burned after a Thermomix explosion in France
  • When the lid started to rattle, she wanted to look
  • That turned out to be a fatal mistake

Actually it should Thermomix make working in the kitchen easier. Cooking, baking, chopping, mixing, weighing – Convinced users like to leave that and more to the popular Vorwerk kitchen appliance. But a woman from the French city of Fréjus now reports on a case in which her Thermomix Didn’t help her at all: her device exploded, the scalding hot tomato sauce was splashed on her face and left severe burns.

Annie Vandenbussche wanted to prepare a tomato coulis with her Thermomix in April. You have strictly adhered to that Thermomix recipe The 64-year-old tells the French regional newspaper group “Nice Matin”.

Thermomix explodes: 100 degrees hot tomato sauce splashes on the face

When the lid started to rattle, she wanted to see what was going on, she continues. But that was her undoing. She could still see that the cooking time should still be one minute, then her Thermomix would have exploded, the contents would be splashed in her face. “I have a liter 100 Grad getting hot tomato coulis right in the face, “reports Vandenbussche of her horror experience.” It was like a geyser. Also interesting: Thermomix update for TM6: These five functions are new

She tore her glasses off her face and held her head under cold water. A neighbor took her to the doctor, and from there she went to the emergency room of a hospital. The diagnosis: Second degree burns.

Thermomix accident: Vorwerk pays compensation

Photos testify to the Injuries. Vandenbusschen shows pictures in which her face is swollen, the skin burned. Another photo shows a head bandage that covers her entire face. She had to wear the bandage for 21 days.

Vorwerk apologized to her after the incident and paid compensation. She got 670 euros. But that’s not enough for the pensioner. With the help of a lawyer, she now wants to ensure that other Thermomix users are warned.

Thermomix explosion: Vorwerk admits faults in the sealing ring

According to Vorwerk, however, this warning has long been given. It was an incident with one Thermomix model TM31, it says at the request of our editorial team. This model was last produced in 2014.

Vorwerk assures in the statement: “All Thermomix models – including the former TM31 – are absolutely safe if they are used in accordance with the instructions for use and the user manual.” However, the manufacturer also admits that in September 2014, as part of its continuous quality management, it was found that a few TM31 had the Sealing ring does not work properly in the lid. Vorwerk then published a precautionary warning, wrote to all customers of a certain production batch and replaced the sealing ring on the devices free of charge.

“The entire exchange took place in coordination with the responsible German and European authorities and was successfully communicated and completed by Vorwerk in 2015,” the statement said. The company does not want to comment in detail on the case of the woman from France.

After Thermomix nightmare: French woman is fed up

If she warning The woman from France simply did not reach the woman or whether she simply ignored her cannot be clarified at this point. But one thing is certain: the French pensioner is fed up with her kitchen appliance. She was a convinced user for years and has carried out demonstrations herself. When she bought her machine in 2006, a dream came true for her. A dream that ended in a nightmare. She says she has stowed her Thermomix far back in the closet. (jkali)


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