These 3 simple exercises will help you improve the circulation of your legs

The physical exercise it has a positive impact on health and makes us feel better. By means of the physical activity we can even alleviate some discomforts caused, for example, by a sedentary lifestyle.

And it is that we often spend many hours working in front of the computer and we move little. This causes a negative effect on our health, and the main harmed are our legs. In the most extreme cases, this can lead to circulation problems and even more serious pathologies.

How to reactivate blood circulation

But remedying this situation is very easy and is within everyone’s reach. The solution is to periodically carry out a series of training to get your legs and body moving, which will help reactivate circulation and our general condition.

As the experts in Angiology, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Hospital La Luz explain, “exercise and physical activity are effective ways to improve cardiovascular and general health, and can provide valuable benefits beyond medications.”

These Quirónsalud experts recommend a series of very simple exercises to improve the health and mobility of legs. All are suitable for any level and can be make at home.

Lifting and exercising your legs

While we are sitting, whether at home or at work, we can place the legs up, using for this a small step 20 centimeters high while we sit at home. In that position, we can perform circular movements with the ankles or flexion and extension. This should be done for 5-10 minutes, performing the exercises in 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

This exercise facilitates venous return, since the veins themselves are not able to send blood upward and require muscle contraction

Stand on tiptoe

When walking from tiptoe we stimulate the contraction of the twins which, at the same time, compress the veins, facilitating venous return. This is known as a muscle pump and its activation has a significant influence on the leg circulation. To do this, the idea is to stand up without moving and get up on tiptoe about 10 times, without walking. Another version of the exercise is to do it with the heels to contract opposing muscles.

Tiptoe It is also recommended, and more if we do it on a soft or irregular surface since we will stimulate the muscles of the sole of the foot.

Make the bike

Lying on the floor, we raise our legs and we imitate the pedaling of the bicycle. To do this exercise it is important to be on the ground or a hard surface. We must be careful not to make sudden movements with the back, since this could end up causing damage. We have to support it completely on the floor or mat and just move your legs. It is preferable to perform a less wide pedaling movement and trying to control it, rather than fast and uncontrolled.

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