These 4 zodiac signs are particularly lucky in 2021

In 2020 we all had a little bad luck. Now it says positive in the future look. 2021 brings new opportunities and new ideas. And new luck for one or the other zodiac sign.

This 4 Zodiac signs are particularly lucky in the coming year:


2020 was rather sluggish for the lion. But the new year gives the zodiac exactly the boost it needed. Already in spring wake up in the lion new spirits and that has a positive effect on job and love. Professionally, the zodiac sign has a few happy twists ahead of it. And in summer the lion indulges in the happiness of love. Both awarded and single lions will be on cloud nine from June.


For Scorpio, fate 2021 holds especially good luck in love. The zodiac sign felt a bit empty in 2020, but in the first few months of the new year, comes on High spirits and also brings with it a love high. The zodiac sign then has a good chance of creating its own happiness all year round. Even small setbacks shouldn’t be able to stop him now.


A lot will change for Libra in 2021. For this zodiac sign it is the coming year Forging future plans. Because no matter what attacks the scales, it turns into gold. The game of Jupiter and Mars brings a great year to Libra. So it’s perfect for making some important decisions. In 2021, the zodiac sign will finally have enough time and clarity to think about difficult topics.


2021 will also be the lucky year for Capricorns. Instead of constantly worrying about everything, he can relax a bit in the coming months and still be sure that everything goes the way he wants it to. Both in work and in love, the zodiac sign will experience many highs in the coming year.

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