These are Aoun’s conditions for signing…otherwise there is no government!

Unless an emergency occurs, the parliamentary consultations are supposed to end today with the assignment of President Najib Mikati. But the question that imposes itself: Will he succeed in forming the future government, or not?

It is true that President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, spoke in a positive language about Mikati in a press position last weekend, but words are one thing and reality is another, and this is what experiences have proven in the previous period.

According to what political sources opposed to Al Markaziah say, the formation is the “great jihad” and will not be a picnic, but rather will take the form of tug-of-war between Baabda and the designated president. In short, she explains that the covenant will not give Mikati unless it is given to Hariri, and says that no government will be born and will not receive the signature of the Presidency of the Republic unless it secures the following conditions for the covenant and for its parliamentary arm, the Strong Lebanon bloc headed by Representative Gibran Bassil:

First, that the ministerial composition gives him a disabled third, direct or evasive, it makes no difference.

Second, that all ministers be named in consultation and coordination between Aoun and Mikati, and that the President of the Republic has the final say in choosing Christian ministers.

Third, for the Ministry of Justice to go to the covenant’s share to monitor the course of investigations into the financial files and the port explosion file, and the most important of which is the Ministry of the Interior so that the presidential team can control the upcoming parliamentary elections and supervise them and their operations in detail, especially since the maturity is considered a pivotal issue and a “life or death” issue. For the orange stream.

Yes, the sources follow. If Mikati does not give them to Aoun, these demands will not be a government, nor will they be governed. The first and last goal of any government, in the calculations of the Covenant, is to secure the future of the head of the political Free Patriotic Movement.

According to the sources, Mikati is aware of this fact, and he knows (just like previous prime ministers) that all the sweet words he heard during the meetings he held with Berri, Bassil and representatives of Hezbollah (…) are unlikely to be spent in the composition market… but he will give the formation and the country A new opportunity, his negative reading may disappoint and see the light of the rescue government that Mikati wants, in accordance with the French initiative and international standards.

In any case, the sources say that Mikati will not wait long, as he will give himself a specific deadline, not exceeding a few weeks, to compose. But if he feels that the obstruction is still the same, he will apologize and thus, he exposed the covenant again to the Lebanese and the world, assuring them, and by three (after Mustafa Adeeb and Saad Hariri) that the presidential team wants a government to save itself and his “heir,” not to save the country.

The collapsing Lebanon is facing a period of new consultations and talks, then. Either you come out with a “wheat” in a time of hunger, poverty, and the crisis of bread and medicine, or with a “cere”, which is engulfed in it and plunges it further into Hell with its calamities. Will the memory of August 4 and the popular anger it could ignite, coupled with US and European sanctions, do it in the system, facilitating composition? Or will personal and partisan calculations, supported internally by Iran’s regional interests, leave Lebanon hanging on the cross? Let’s wait and see…

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