“These are great savings at the end of the month”

Since the rising inflation of recent months, the majority of Belgians are looking for tips to reduce costs. The search for low prices and cheaper alternatives is reflected in consumer buying behavior. Thus, a representative survey conducted by iVOX shows that comparing prices has become a daily routine for more than 4 out of 5 Belgians. And what is in the shopping cart has also changed.

Sure value

Own brands are clearly gaining in popularity. More than 7 out of 10 Belgians indicate that they buy their own brands more often since the rise in inflation. Striking observation: own brands are slightly less popular in Wallonia (69%) than in the north of the country (75%).

Own brands are attracting a new group of consumers in these times. More than half of respondents who previously had little or no interest in own brands, put (more) own brands in their shopping cart, the statement states.

Saving on the household budget is the main motivation for choosing own brands. Young people (<= 34 years old: 77%) are even more attentive than older people (55+: 66%).

The popularity of own brands will also continue in the longer term. No less than 3 out of 4 Belgians intend to continue buying own brands, even when inflation is less felt.

Especially young people (= < 34 years) are convinced: more than 4 out of 5 young people say that they will continue to opt for own brands in the future.

At least half the price

In the coming weeks, ALDI will do the math for the consumer by calculating the benefits consumers get if they opt for own brands. “Each week, we will show the price difference between an identical basket of top brands sold at ALDI and ALDI’s own brands. Thus, we want to help Belgians to make beneficial choices for their budget”, explains Isabel Henderick, Managing Director Marketing and Communication at ALDI Belgium. “Consumers will clearly feel that our own brands are a smart choice. More than 90% of our fixed range consists of own brands. They are often at least half the price of the big brands. These are great savings at the end of the month. »

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