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November will be a hugely important month for PlayStation, not in vain, PlayStation 5, the next-gen console of Sony, will arrive in stores on the 19th in Europe (on the 12th in the rest of the world). This will also be the last month when PlayStation 4 is the only protagonist to receive games exclusive to the PlayStation Plus service.

While we always try to reason our bets on predictions, the PlayStation Plus Collection service, which debuts for PlayStation 5 users, and offers 18 games of untold value, ended up modifying and complicating our bets.

* We remember this article is being offered as an option for us to give our opinion on what you would like to see in PS Plus next November and we can discuss the options together. It is not a question of the confirmation of those which will be available, it is an article where logically, one tries to find a possible result for the games chosen each month.

Official calendar of dates

  • Official announcement: Wednesday October 28.
  • Upload date: Tuesday November 3

So, without further ado, we leave you our weekly video on the forecast we made for the month of November.

What are we expecting this month in PS Plus?

In the list of titles chosen from Collection PlayStation Plus, which can be enjoyed by those who are made with a PlayStation 5, we are missing several exclusive works of great importance to PlayStation. Spider Man, the alternative of which we are quickly ruling out with the arrival of Spider-Man: Miles Morales et Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn

With the sequel already announced and at a fairly advanced stage of development which promises to debut next year 2021 on PS4 and PS5It would be the perfect time to confirm the arrival of the adventure with Aloy.

Horizon Zero Dawn arrived on PlayStation 4 last year 2017, and since then the work of Guerrilla games has long exceeded 10 million units sold. Its wide open world, the charisma of its protagonist, and a plot as polished as it is interesting, go hand in hand in an open world adventure that, while somewhat generic, offers some truly remarkable aspects.

SoulCalibur VI

Fighting is one of the least lavish genres among the games offered by the PlayStation Plus service. And if it is true that the arrival of Street fighter v, the work of Bandai NamcoAlthough part of the same genre, it leaves us with a totally different proposition. SoulCalibur VI is the best representative of the genre where fast and bloody battles with knives take center stage.

SoulCalibur VI is the latest installment in a legendary saga of the video game industry. This sixth opus also recovers a large part of the main cast of the first works, and includes very attractive DLC in the form of well-known characters such as Geralt De Rivia or 2B, the protagonist of Nier: Automata.

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