These are the corona rules in Trondheim now

The case is being updated.

New corona regulations were unanimously adopted by the presidency on Tuesday.

After the previous one on Wednesday, new regulations were adopted, and introduced stricter corona measures, municipal director Morten Wolden proposed new lighter measures this week.

The regulations replace temporary regulations adopted by the presidency on 10.02.21 and enter into force from 16.00 on Tuesday and apply until 03.03.21, Wolden was informed during the meeting.

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Here are the new rules

The presidency decides to continue:

  • Number limitation in stores and shopping centers so that customers can keep a distance of one meter at any time
  • Use of face masks on public transport
  • Use of handkerchiefs in taxis and registration of all travelers
  • Use of face masks at hairdressers, skin care, tattoo and piercing services etc.
  • The use of face masks where it is not possible to keep – 1 – one meter away in shops / malls, in restaurants, in religious and philosophical houses and in premises for cultural, training, sports and leisure activities, the use of face masks is mandatory.
    Employees at restaurants do not need to wear face masks where they can keep more than one meter away.
  • Registration of all customers at restaurants
  • The two-meter rule at the gym

The presidency decides not to continue:

  • Closure of businesses
  • Order for home office
  • Pouring stop from kl. 22.00
  • Measures in education and training activities
  • Stopping sports activities for adults 20 years and older

  • Stopping leisure activities for adults 20 years and older

  • Limit social contacts beyond one’s own household / work / school / kindergarten to 10 people per household


  • Limit social contacts beyond one’s own household / work / school / kindergarten to 10 people per household
  • Use of home office where it is appropriate based on the nature of the work.

The municipality points out that even if they choose not to continue stopping sports and leisure activities for adults 20 years and older, there are still national restrictions on indoor activity for this age group.

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Softening of the bandage order

In addition to the regulations, the politicians adopted several adjustments.

Mona Berger (SV) proposed on behalf of the majority parties and the Liberal Party a clarification of the sanitary napkin order by making it explicit that it should be limited to public places where one can not keep a meter distance. The proposal was unanimously adopted – and included in the regulations.

There was at all a glimmer of optimism in the presidency on Tuesday.

– It is a little brighter now, said Erling Moe in the debate.

– We have a vaccine on its way into society and this looks very good. Then it is right to take cautious steps towards reopening. And that we do not close again at the first opportunity, but that from now on we are moving towards a gradual opening of society. Then we have to do it so carefully that we do not for setbacks.

Moe proposed on behalf of the Socialist People’s Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Liberal Party that employees in restaurants where one can comply with the distance rules should avoid bandages. It was unanimously adopted and included in the regulations.

Roald Arentz (Red) reminded that the situation last week was completely different – and urged sober and that one does not go from negative to positive in one week. – It is not every day the outer left calls for moderation, but I do now, Arentz said.

Municipal director Morten Wolden reminded that the strong measures and the sanitary napkin order have contributed greatly to the municipality reducing the number of infections.

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Softening in sports and among students

During the presidency, municipal councilor Julie Indstad Hole (Labor Party) proposed two extra proposals related to sports and students. The majority parties ordered a more active reopening of sports activities and the opening of municipal sports halls. They also demanded a separate infection control supervisor for students who pay more attention to students who live in a collective.

Indstad Hole pointed to increased loneliness among students during the corona pandemic.

Sports, culture and business director Ola By Rise stated that the government will most likely come up with new softening for sports and culture later Tuesday.

Both proposals were unanimously adopted and are an order to the municipal director – and are not part of the regulations.


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