These are the most dangerous nutrients for brain health!

There are a number of nutrients that are dangerous to brain health. According to American psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, founder of the Brain Food Clinic.

Pastries and baked goods: Sold in stores and markets. Because they contain calories and a large amount of sugar as well as trans fats. But this does not affect the homemade pastries, because we control the process from start to finish, allowing us to eat high quality products.

“Commercial pretzels do not support the gut microbiome, which is a major regulator of inflammation,” Ramsey says.

He adds, when the brain fights infections, it affects three things: mood, anxiety and the ability to focus.

Foods with a high glycemic indexProfessor Ramsey emphasizes the need to avoid eating these substances, as they contain a high percentage of sugar and “fast” carbohydrates. But at the same time it is not recommended to completely abstain from eating sugar.

According to him, it is important to control the level of sugar in the blood. For this, you should eat foods rich in dietary fiber, vegetables and fruits, which allow you to get the necessary amount of carbohydrates.

industrial food dyesAccording to Ramsey, “there is no evidence that foods containing artificial dyes are good for the brain, while there is some evidence that they are irritating to the brain and intestines.” Therefore, it is recommended to always eat natural foods.

Processed meat: Ramsey points out, it is one of the mental health problems currently. But there is currently no confirmation of this. He adds, it is wrong to consider vegetarian meat as beneficial to human health and the entire world.

But excessive consumption of red meat damages the cognitive abilities of humans as well. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce eating burgers, and to eat more grilled and boiled meat with vegetables.


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