These are the most “multones” radars of Castilla y León

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A-1, kilometer 125. One more year this is the exact route and point that accumulates more complaints by radar in Castilla y León. Specifically, the speed detection instrument is at the height of the municipality of Fresno de la Fuente (Segovia), in the direction of Madrid, and during 2019 the most “multon” radar in the Community hunted a total of 16,754 drivers. In second and third place, there are two other cinemometers located also on the A-1, but at kilometer 234 and 194, respectively, both in the province of Burgos. Each of them processed 15,436 and 13,913 complaints, according to the data provided by the Association of European Automobile Associates.

The second Castilian and Leonese route that accumulated the most fines, although already out of the top 50 nationwide was the A-67. Specifically, the radar was located at kilometer point 7.1, with a total of 11,478 complaints.

In total, during the year 2019, the radars of the General Directorate of Traffic made a total of 2,933,089 complaints of speeding. This represents an increase of 13.3 percent over those made in the same period of the previous year, which this entity attributes to the fact of the activation of many “off” radars in 2018..


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